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NIPPONIA, where history comes alive.

NIPPONIA is a luxury hotel brand of renovated old and precious Japanese architectures remaining throughout various areas in Japan. Respecting its historical significance, each architecture is revitalized as a facility where you can feel the lifestyle, culture and history of the land.
Specifically, Takeda Castle town hotel EN is located in the castle town of Takeda Castle Ruins, also known as “The Castle in the Sky”. Here, guests can stay in historic Japanese houses and experience Japanese history, nature, and culture.

A special accommodation where guests can relax while experiencing Japanese culture

The Former Kimura Sake Brewery EN is a building that has a rich 400 year history as a sake brewery. This accommodation maintains the charm and brings out the past glory of a traditional Japanese house while providing comfortable and high-quality accomodation. There are 5 guestrooms including 4 rooms in the main building and an annex located next door to the main building. Each room has a different charm to it, giving each guest a chance to enjoy the cultural climate of Japan while relaxing like a past Japanese house owner.

A hotel that has a 400 year history and has been registered as a Cultural Property

The building is owned by the locally renowned Kimura family who has been living in the area for over 16 generations. Their heritage can be traced back to Iio Ukyounoshin Naotoshi, a famous samurai warrior who served under the feudal lord Takeda Shingen and changed his family name to Kimura after the death of Takeda Shingen. Mr. Kimura began making sake in Takeda around 1625 and after becoming victim to two fires over the years, rebuilt the currently standing building around 1902. The building holds a rich history and has been registered as a Tangible Cultural Property by the government of Japan.

The Former Kimura Sake Brewery ~A symbol of the region~

Historically in Japan, sake was a necessity in traditional festivals and often times the owner of the local sake brewery would become a renowned person in the area. Just as the Kimura Sake Brewery was, breweries often became the symbol of regions throughout Japan. Places like this, which have deep ties to regional culture and history are sure to make your trip an even deeper and immersed experience.


Relishing the features of Japanese architecture that can be seen throughout the rooms

The Japanese style porch (Engawa), transom space (Ranma), and sand wall coatings (Sunakabe) are examples of the hotels effort to leave as much of the original features of the building as possible. In addition to this, if guests look up at the ceiling they will see a large curved wooden beam supporting the ceiling. This wooden beam is an example of how past architects took into account the natural bending of the wood that would occur over the years when putting together the building and thus, ensured its stability even years after its construction. In these ways, you can witness firsthand the precious and highly skilled work of past Japanese architects.

Transforming the former drawing room and warehouse into guestrooms

We keep the facilities as is and aim to provide the qualities of a “simple” yet elegant and traditional Japanese space. By maintaining the original design, there are various areas in the building that contribute to creating this beautiful traditional atmosphere.

- Sakura - Japanese style room with tatami floors + bedroom with heated floors and Japanese style porch (Engawa)

This room is the quintessential room of the Former Kimura Sake Brewery EN. In the 400 year history of this building, this room was called the “Kihin no Ma” and was used only when welcoming and trying to impress the most honorable of guests. We attempted to leave as much of this historical and formal feel within the room for our guests to experience. Please enjoy the special essence of Japanese hospitality that has thrived over the years in this room.


- Fuji - Japanese style room with tatami floors + bedroom with Japanese style porch (Engawa)

This is another one of a kind room with both a bedroom and Japanese style room located on the second floor of the building. Both the sand wall coatings (Sunakabe) made of gold colored sand, which is nearly impossible to recreate even with modern technology, and the low wooden beams have been kept in an effort to preserve as much of the past as possible. In this special room guests can also enjoy the view of the courtyard and streets of the castle town while basking in the natural light that streams in.


- Keyaki - First floor bedroom

This room was originally the warehouse where all the household treasures were kept. The heavy and sturdy looking door that remains at the entrance is a representation of what this room used to be. Guests can enjoy the comforting and cozy atmosphere that comes from refurbishing a warehouse that was specifically built to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


- Katsura - Japanese style room with western wood flooring

While being the smallest of our rooms, this room is very popular as it is the only room where you can see the Takeda Castle Ruins from the window. Although the “The Castle Ruins in the Sky” has a different feel to it from season to season, it is especially majestic in the winter when it has been covered in snow. Guests can enjoy this amazing view from the room, all while staying nice and warm.


- Kusunoki - Two story building with 4 bedrooms, living, dining, and kitchen area, and a Japanese style courtyard.

Reserved for one group per day, this annex allows guests to reserve an entire traditional Japanese house for their own. As the entrance to the annex is completely separate, guests can enjoy the space without worrying about the disturbance of other guests. This annex provides a comfort unique to this traditional wooden Japanese house and courtyard.


Local Attractions

Takeda Castle and the surrounding castle town: A place of historic sentiment

This hotel is located at the foot of Takeda Castle, one of the most historic and famous castle ruins in Japan. Years ago, samurai warriors wearing their armor walked these very streets. In addition to the castle, various parts of the town also retain the townscape of the past. Why not take a stroll through this area and through a part of Japan’s history.

A sea of clouds: A mystical scene where a castle floats in the sky

The sea of clouds that can be seen from the Takeda Castle alone is a reason to visit the area. It is a mystical scene that you will not want to miss if you are visiting Japan. However, there are certain natural conditions that have to be met in order to see this scene. Although there is no guarantee that guests can see this spectacle, our staff will do everything we can so that you can witness this amazing scene.

A concierge can suggest plans for guests who are looking for things to enjoy in the area

If you give us a call beforehand, a concierge can suggest a plan for any free time you might have during your stay at the hotel. Additionally, after your arrival our local staff will welcome you warmly and give you tips on how to enjoy the area or point you towards lesser-known local attractions.


By personally visiting and handpicking the ingredients he uses from the food markets and farms, our chef is able to use the highest quality ingredients that are in season and create delicious dishes. Please enjoy the rich taste that the nature of Tajima has created. The spacious restaurant space where guests can enjoy this food is the former area where the sake was brewed. At this restaurant we look to provide an immersive and deep experience where guests can enjoy a blend of the highest quality of food while also taking in the history, climate, and atmosphere of the area.


At Hotel EN, you can enjoy dishes made from fresh and unique ingredients of the area. The concept of the restaurant is to serve fine and unique "Takeda cuisine" which you can only taste here. Using fresh local ingredients and respecting local cuisine, the chef transforms the ingredients into a delicious piece of art with a fusion of techniques used in Japanese and French cuisine. Please enjoy the rich taste that the nature of Tajima has created.


Grown in clean air, water, rich soil and mountains, the area is renowned for its indigenous agricultural products such as "Tamba black soybeans", "Tamba chestnuts", "Matsutake", and "Tajima Beef".
Tajima beef, is one of the best quality beef in Japan and is widely known in the world alongside other premium Wagyu brands such as "Kobe Beef", "Matsuzaka Beef" and "Omi Beef".


After establishing a successful career at a Grand Maison in Switzerland, Mr. Ishii returned to Japan and opened "La Pierre Zipangu" in Kobe. The restaurant was ranked first for four consecutive years in the Zagat Survey, the major restaurant guide on par with Michelin. He is now putting his efforts in order to take an active role as Grand Chef of the Value Management Group. While doing so, he is also fostering the next-generation of French cuisinechefs in Japan.


Takeda Castle Town Hotel EN

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